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The title block for this page is Drug Bust Jails 22 Innocents.

That's because there were 22 innocents, proven innocent by hospital tests. What I did not say was how many of us were there in the first place.

There were 33 of us detained (heard from the policemen), with 8-9 of them girls. Subtracting would mean there were about 24-25 men. From my standpoint and my limited knowledge of what happened to the girls, I heard from reliable sources that they were set free the same day itself, they did not go to Pudu jail. From the 24-25 men, I know for a fact that 22 of us were innocent. The other 2-3, I don't know, but they weren't in the list that states that we were clean. So they might have been guilty.

'Jack' the guy in the story I referred to will be writing in an entry here soon. I told him not to reveal his identity now, but that is up to him.

I have also gotten a letter from a fellow detainee who's girlfriend was one of the 8-9 girls. She was proven innocent too, but I was denied the permission to post the letter. I will try to meet up with her and guess we'll take thing from there. From the letter, it could be seen that some of the girls were guilty and that they were jailed and that they were caught for drugs abuse before.

The letter was not written by the girl itself but by a friend of hers because she was too traumatised to write. Not many of us are as strong and as bold as some of the people that were listed on the comments of this blog. I'm not, Jack's a little stronger, and most of the rest just really want to get back to their lives and I don't blame them.

Because so do I.


Blogger Old Fart said...

From what you say if 22 out of 27 of you guys were "found to be free of drugs" that is 81.5% of you. If I was to include the women too then about 30 of you were found to be "free of drugs" from out of about 33 or 90.9% of you were found to have been diagnosed wrongly by a bunch of quacks who rely on what is most definitely a medium of testing that no one anywhere can rely on to even test on rats used in a lab. This kind of reliance of undetermined methods, if I am not mistaken was last used by Hitler's scientists in the 2nd World War with mostly the Jews being the victim. Like for instance if Hitler caught a cold they could inject cow's urine into the vein of a Jew who will be chosen for the purpose. Now if he dies...that would mean cow's urine does not cure cold.

So now I guess The Polis Di Raja UMNO, (Please don't call them Malaysia and shame the nation) are learning their tactics from Mein Kemp or what it was that Hitler wrote.

I hope others with pharmaceutical or chemistry background can provide us all with a more scientific assessment of the testing methods used and the reliance one can have on this method. Relying on this method which so obviously would show any nincompoop that it cannot be relied upon in any civil society the police should not have even touched you let alone embark on a mission that is purely to harras and to make some money....come to think of it, I wonder if the forthcoming festivals have got anything to do with it.

This point alone is good enough to get back at them. Get them to admit that it is a very unreliable method and what is needed is a court ruling to stop them from using this method.

Secondly of course I did mention in an earlier posting that it would seem like as if these guys a making a medical diagnosis and acting on that diagnosis. They are no doctors and they are not the experts here. Once again the original testing itself is not only illegal and unreliable, the police who carried out the diagnosis may have committed a crime posing as medical professionals.

This might just be the begining...but I guess all the lawyers can put their minds together and pile a whole lot of shit on the PDRUMNO!

11:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wondering, have you ever bribed the police to get out of a speeding fine? Or bribed to get your driving license? Even if you never had the chance to, given the opportunity, would you do it? And does your experience change how you would react if given the opportunity to bribe the authorities to get away with something?

1:53 AM  
Anonymous Confused said...

i'm confused. I thought Pudu Jail is not being used as it has been closed a couple of years back. In fact,i think it is now a museum. So correct me if i'm wrong but it seems quite wrong to detain you in the museum as it's a public place. Just thinking...

2:10 AM  
Anonymous not confused said...

if im not mistaken also, it was reopen few years back.

3:36 AM  
Blogger Lone said...

Old fart ::
one does not need to be a medical professional to do these tests. For polis purposes, one only need to be authorised to do so. Anyway they are just screening tests. The real/diagnostic tests are carried out by the lab technicians in gomen hospitals, doctors don't do them.

3:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the 22 of u guys should sue
then you go make this a high profile case - get the media involved and get the nation to outcry for you guys also (discount the ppl who favour taht you should be in beds at that time and not at clubs)

if you got the time and mean
go look for victims of such cases and then get them to sue also - at least for the way they treat you

and all of you demand an answer on the way the whole thing was supposed to be conducted, and a public apology and make sure u cause a lot of tension on the ppl who matters...

then maybe, just maybe, you have a shot

there is always a way to win.
you just need to find the opportunity and have the means to do it.

i wish you all the best
if what you say is true
but this isn't the first time i've heard/read of such things happening.

this could've easily been me but you know, if i ever ended up in such a position, i really don't with to go through what you have been be it true or not. if what you say is true, a drastic change is needed in the way they treat you and the way the justice forces toys our human rights and the way they treat you worst than 3rd class citizens.

and the magistrate who passed that comment " rich kids all also like that" maybe you should go look up dirt on her kids.something tells me, kids who have those kind of parents are usually rebels.

good luck.

4:26 AM  
Blogger イライン +^*^+ ピ-ズ (n_n)v said...

i'm glad that this blog is getting more attention and publicity.. perhaps to clarify something to other people who think that this blog is all fake..

1) the blogger wouldn't have so much time to create such a full account on what happened
2) i'm sure the blogger is aware of the consequences of making up stories about malaysia
3) this is to create awareness, not get sympathy
4) this is to vent out his disappointment

and in my opinion, the reason why the police didn't gave them documentations is so that they will not have any proof!! ain't that obvious?? geez.. do you think after all the treatments that the police gave them, they'd be so silly to give them documents?? it will just serve as a proof that they ARE detained in that period and thus, serves as an evidence to sue them.. police are not too stupid too i tell you..

but true, after evaluating, we shouldn't make such a sweeping statement and drag other innocent policemen into this.. as in, we should not generalize them.. but, i still condemn the three people who i condemned earlier.. and i'm glad to see that they are pretty much subdued now.. cuz if they really don't believe in this, they shouldn't be wasting time anymore on this blog.. they should just carry on with their own life.. and perhaps continue being in denial.. and deny that the fact that situation can be won by us..

i remember someone posting a comment that malaysia is far behind other countries now.. honestly, looking back at the development before tun dr mahathir became our prime minister, development was nothing.. when he took the place as our prime minister, what we get to enjoy now is all because of him.. he was the one who initiated all the mega projects and helped malaysia' economy to recover.. during the inflation period, he rejected the offer from international monetary fund to loan malaysia some amount of cash.. but tun dr mahathir denied the offer.. and all thanks to him, malaysia's economy recovered.. if we were to accept that loan, we might be in debt now.. and perhaps, be poorer than before.. this is just one of the major examples.. i don't mean to criticize but i'm just trying to clarify something here.. malaysia is on the progress to being a richer nation..

this is a problem that happens in almost every country.. and it is happening on a wide scale in malaysia.. to tackle this, we need time.. this cannot be done in a day's time.. and this certainly needs the cooperation of every single citizen in malaysia.. sometimes, we can't really blame the policemen for taking bribes.. cuz we malaysians offer them bribes whenever we get into 'trouble'.. malaysians should do their parts by not subjecting to giving bribes.. corrupted police are hard to tackle too.. and i'm sure dr seri abdullah badawi is doing something to tackle this.. but as i said, it will need time.. we don't really see changes yet cuz it seriously needs time.. i've given my 2 cents worth as a malaysian..

to the blogger, i wish you all the best again.. God bless

5:42 AM  
Anonymous Apollo market said...

Wigan just beat Newcastle by a goal to nil in the EPL.
ABM, you have 22 goals ahead of PDRM right now. You go public at this time you will hv the whole malaysia against PDRM. The name in PDRM right now already busuk from recent past cases. This is the time to attack.

6:56 AM  
Anonymous panjang said...

PDRM = Polis Dendam Rakyat Malaysia. They should stop using the word 'DiRaja' if they want to continue torturing the public. The Royal govern should do something about them if they continue to smear the good name in the Royal.

7:04 AM  
Anonymous DoingTheRightThing said...

abettermalaysia, please contact YB Mr. Lim Kit Siang (Parliamentary Opposition Leader) at either or He will raised your issue or case of "Drug Bust Jails 22 Innocents" in the Parliament unless you speak up, otherwise Mr. Lim can't do anything without your cooperation. Please contact him as soon as possible. Alternatively, you should visit his blog at to read about the above issue and the comments.

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Judging on how the policemen treated you, I think they must have been very racist to you, because people who drink are non-Malays and mostly the policemen are Malays.

I thought Malaysia is a "peaceful" country with no racism.

I really hope everyone in Malaysia will read this blog to understand what is the "real" Malaysia.

8:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For those of you who frequents the pub scene in Malaysia and got into something similiar, there is a way to prevent this from happening to you.

Unfortunately, what I am going to suggest also helps those who do drugs - all I can say is .. if you do drugs, know that you are going to get more shit than just a couple of nights in jail .. God be with you.

So, the only way to prevent yourself from getting in jail is to get the next best thing - Go to a hospital!
The minute you fear that the po-lice (the blood sucking kind) are up to no good, find a wall or anything hard, and bang your head hard against it ... if you are unconscious, they will have to send you to the hospital. Better yet, get someone to call for an ambulance before attempting the head-bang.

Up until you give up a urine sample, you are still consider an innocent citizen, so alternatively, you can refuse an on-the-spot test and demand for a test at the po-lice station. This way, you still have the ability to call anyone that may help you and meet you at the police station. Furthermore, all this test are never 'clean' - the containers and testing equipment can be contaminated. ie, if they use the containers to test a previous suspect who is positive, and then clean the container for re-use, there may still be enough residue in the container to give you a positive outcome. Therefore, the more people they test, the more time they reuse the containers, the more likely that a high percentage of the tests yield positive results.

On a side note, those of you who suggest that by complaining and bad-mouthing Malaysia is deemed unpatriotic, you need to look deep inside and ask if you yourself is a patriot. By challenging the wrongful act, it means that one actually care.

I care - but that doesn't mean that I will not voice out against what is wrong in this country. And, by doing this, it doesn't mean that I am not a patriot.

In the meantime, let's all pray that those who commits these acts will answer to Allah.

10:11 AM  
Blogger desiderata said...


I re-visited Lim Kit Siang's blog Sunday about 1am,; came back here to reiterate what I posted in your other post's comments.

Go ahead, contact LKS if you haven't,he's your best bet as he is Opposition Leader and need your story first hand before he can take it to Parliament and other higher-ups, even to the PM -- for your own sake as well as my sake, as all feeling Malaysians' sake.

This is similar to DoingTheRightThing's advice before me -- please act promptly. Be courageous and steadfast, for
God will be right beside those who're doing RIGHT!
Many caring Malaysians are also behind you as long as you speak the Truth.

12:07 AM

10:25 AM  
Blogger fcukger said...

I re read the fake's blog and really really had a good laugh, I mean this guy is so funny it's quite unbelievable.

Fake says " How many were there before me and how many will there be after me I will never know.But a better Malaysia begins with me. "

So Fake sees himself as the hero by proclaiming that a better malaysia BEGINS with him. But he chose , in his own words, to play a cat and mouse game.Why talk about bettering malaysia and that this begins with HIM.

Fake kept ranting on about corruption involving the police. But he also says "Not only did we have to bribe them for the food, but a single phone ...". Fake must be so used to offering bribes that he does not understand that the one GIVING bribes is equally guilty as the one receving. So FAke while ranting on about corruption actually would also be the one who ENCOURAGES corruption. How ironical. In fact that is how corruption starts, one offers, the other take, whatever the circumstances may be.

Fake says calls himself a model citizen...."'We, the model of society". Yet model citizen wouldn't hesitate and actually admitted to offering bribes, which is a criminal offence. He also proclaim himself " law abiding citizens" who have never done anything more wrong than speeding on the highway. Let me say to Fake that there are few things worst than speeding on the is the number 1 killer in this country, involving innocent lives as well as dependents whose lives are changed overnight, all because there are irresponsible people like Fake who would think lightly of it. A 'model citizen', a 'law abiding citizen' like Fake surely cannot be the one to talk about a better malaysia.

Fake says it is degrading to be " herded into a blue police lorry". I think he would expect to be taken in a limo, being models of society. But it is not being taken in a lorry that disturbs him. It is that this lorry is also the lorry used for" rounding up drug addicts and prostitutes.." You see, Fake wishes to make a better malaysia, but of course it would be degrading to even bask in the scent and odour of prostitutes and addicts, who of course are not models of society. Indeed they would be scums in his mind. These poor souls go in and out of jails al lthe time and I would have thought that Fake would at least sympathise with them. But no, to Fake, it is degrading to be dumped in the same lorry. And a better malaysia begins with him, he says.HIs contempt for the unfortunate and downtrodden continues.

Fake says he was brought to Pudu which " housed the worst of mankind. The murderers, rapists, drug dealers. This building was not built to house people like us. We, the model of society". Again Fake sees himself different and again expects different treatment. I suppose a 5 star prison would only be suitable for his class, the models of society, the law abiding can he be put together with the worst of mankind, the pariahs of society. How can he, the one where a better malaysia begins with.

Fake complains of being put in handcuff and he says. ." HANDCUFFS! Nobody knows how it felt." Please, Fake hero, many many people knows how it feels, including prostitutes and addicts. Even politicians. So don't say nobody knows.
He continues whinning, "my heart died and my soul withered", I think in that case, REAL people who's been to real prisons ,like kit and guan eng would have to commit suicide ten times over. And to think Fake would proclaim " a better Malaysia begins with me". I shudder to think how a wimp could possibly do that.

Fake says " I had just been treated like a criminal by my very own country". The downtrodden prostitutes and addicts who deserve our sympathies are also treated as criminals and worse, by none other than models of society like Fake.

Fake sees himself as belonging to a higher class.He expects preferential treatments because that's what he gets at home. He does not sympathise with the downtrodden and indeed despise and look down on them.Indeed he would share the attributes of the people he condems. He will never involve himself with making a sacrfice for the betterment of this country. He is no Kit and no Guan Eng and the like. He is what he is ..a FAKE. No more and no less....and he knows it.

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the same thing happened to my friend a year back. there is so much of this stuff going on, that newspapers don't even publish them anymore. my cousin was involved in a major accident a week ago. zero mention in the papers. please do not be so naive to think that every happenings in malaysia would be published.

another thing i noticed is, these raids are always done on a friday. i assume this is so that the police would have the chance to detain the alleged drug abusers for the weekend.

plus, a lot of biased commentors out there are missing the point. i don't blame them for having the negative impressions on those who goes clubbing but in this case, that is not the point. clearly there is an abuse of authority and a poor sense of justice.

12:26 PM  
Blogger fcukger said...

To all ignoramus who made a generalisation about how bad our police are, please show that you mean it by pledging right here that you wili NEVER EVER ask for police help when your house been burgled, when you get robbed, when your mother, sister, wife and daughters get raped and murdered, when your son gets kidnapped, etc.

Otherwise, there's a word for you is hypocrites.

12:31 PM  
Anonymous WFH said...

As a young professional (as described in Mkini at the foot of your letter published yesterday), I understand your hesitation in contacting those who have invited you to do so, particularly LKS and Suaram. You are no doubt considering whether by doing so you are placing your entire future at risk. Very understandable. Having highlighted your bitter experience in the hands of the authority (which supposedly are the enforcers of law and order in Malaysia), the matter has now gone beyond your own sphere of control.
I would feel the only option is to let the people who can, ie the 2 parties mentioned above (at least), pursue for you the justice you deserve.
Ultimately, whether the battle is successful or not, whether your dignity is restored, or not, you have done your part. Nobody could've asked more of you.
Go on. The decision is yours.
While it is easy for all others to say fight, fight, fight they're not the ones whio will suffer the fallout in case events turn out negative. But just please understand that if you do not, it would have been a great opportunity - For a Better Malaysia - wasted.

12:33 PM  
Blogger fcukger said...

Abuse of powers and authority and privilege is everywhere, involving all professions...why single out the police??

The worst kind of abuse is not with the police, but nobody DARES talk about it here.

The body is full of cancerous growth and yet all the learned 'doctors' here would talk about treating a bloody sore thumb.And then feel very clever about it.

12:41 PM  
Blogger fcukger said...


イライン +^*^+ ピ-ズ (n_n)v said... i'm glad that this blog is getting more attention

I feel very sad for you...i think you must be a young student...very very who would actually believes what is said in the mainstream media or even the blogs.You are supposed to represent our future hopes yet you do not think. You are literate but certainly not educated.What you said about exPM and PM show your true ignorance. The rest of the nonsense, I shall spare you. I do not wish to cut you up surgically, lest you cry. So study intelligently instead of studying hard.And have a nice day. And yes, you can take a few shots at me, and I promise I shall not reply.

12:58 PM  
Blogger Old Fart said...

If ABM has yet not contacted LKS or Suaram, the question I would really like to ask is if any such association with LKS or Suaram might hurt the family's preferred position under the Malaysian sky?

If that was really the case, and ABM is one of those who lives by double standards then really we are all wasting our time rooting for him.

I did ask ABM if he knew who Francis Udayapan was. I did ask if his family knew who Francis was? If after his own alleged troubles he still does not know who Francis is, then good luck to you my friend. Take it all as a lesson to bring you up to speed about how to survive being Malaysian!

So this question to ABM is plain and simple. Do you know Francis? When did you learn about him? Simple isn't it?

3:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i dont think this is another made-up story made for the hatred towards the authorities in msia. i too, had been in almost the same situation 2 years ago, but luckily them mofos didnt put us in pudu jail. that wud be my worst nightmare, innit!?

but the moral of the story remains the same, msian police sucks to the max, didnt they learn how to treat ppl nicely, i guess they are all not civic-minded.

but come to think of it, i think most police r the same, be it in msia or in the states. i saw on tv the other day, some policemen beaten up an old nigga only coz he was friggin drunk! thinking of getting out of msia and migrating somewhere? think twice. justice isnt everywhere.

4:22 PM  
Blogger JeffOoi said...

dont you misguided kids know that malaysia has been a police state for a long time now?

the law may be there for you to refer to and the lawyers will advise you that the accused has rights. why has that not happened?

there is no rule of law in this country. quit dreaming and get real. time to migrate.

5:50 PM  
Blogger JeffOoi said...

..and anonymous, dont you know that to use the word 'niggah' to refer to black americans is an insult, a racial slur??

how do you feel if people refer to you as "slit-eyed chinks"??

5:53 PM  
Anonymous bayi said...


You serious about migrating?

6:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey c'mon blogger...stop replying to all these comments(or should i say reading coz u havent been typing anything here since yesterday morning?)and START calling
all those who had offered their help (i.e. mr. lim kit siang, 1 or 2 lawyers)..there's no point doing all the talking but no action at rooting for you and pls don't disappoint those who have been supporting you

7:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

your plight has reached limkitsiang,
and he's trying to contact you.
maybe you should get in touch with him or something?

7:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fcukger, don't be so full of yourself. clearly you are the infantile here by dwelling on the inconsequentials, being poorly sarcastic, and taking things out of context. look at you, talking about speeding on the highways, why single out police, model citizens, bah. based on these alone, you called the guy a fake? it is a waste of resources for people like you to use the internet. go home, read some books. grow up. learn how to write intelligibly before you go online again.

9:22 PM  
Blogger Old Fart said...

I am honestly begining to wonder about ABM. If he did not see that post from LKS, then that is a lie only Malaysian Judges will believe as they did the guy who claimed to have been sodomised by Anwar. And there is Suaram's post too...Once again if he did not contact them....then we al ought to wonder as to what he has to lose.

Has ABM made a sucker of all of us? Even if what he says is true, what is the point of soliciting our sympathies if at the end of the day he is unable to even contact one of these people when they have made the first move to contact him? Is it because being associated in any way with LKS may undermine more lucrative associations for papa?

1:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's too bad something like this happened to you, but honestly, you shouldn't have the cheek to declare yourself a model citizen.

I find your intolerance towards those deemed 'lower class' obnoxious. You are probably just the typical upper-middle class Malaysian living the cosy dissilusioned selfish existence and suddenly you got a wake up call and a small taste of reality, and starting a blog to whine about it.

Did you even care about issues of national importance before this? Or was it that you were too busy caring about building your career, affording that car you like, marrying a gorgeous wife and getting that dream house?

You are even dissilusioned enough to think you are some kind of hero now. There are real people fighting to set things right every day not for themselves but others with no voice of their own (like prostitutes and drug addicts), they are the ones at the front of protest marches who get sprayed by police water cannons.

Have you ever gave a thought about them, before your little upper-middle class excursion to Hartamas got interrupted? You lost nothing but a day of sleep, good nutritious upper-middle class food, and dignity. There are people who have to live in worse conditions all the time through no fault of their own.

The saddest part of all this is that you din't gain any real empathy or insight about the world outside of your sheltered life, out of this bad experience.

1:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear all;
I know this is a completely unrelated matter but i just don't know where else to bring out this issue; so pls bear with me - just need to know whether i'm the only one who's experienced this or others too;

It's with regards to eating at (government) canteens during fasting month. I've been having string of diarrheal attacks after meals (lunch mainly) at this places during fasting months - coincidentally? that has left me wondering. This particular canteens are almost all run by (u know who) being situated in government facilities and the recent most episode was just now - i bought a cup of coffee and it tasted so funny/odd and smelt funny too -i threw it away.

Which makes methink - the majority of people who eat and drink at this canteen at daytime are... and therefore could it be??

Anyway also wonder how common is the practice of serving (sometimes outrightly bad) - last night or early morning food the next day for breakfast or lunch during fasting month? I've experienced it many a times and....

And also wd like to share a very unpleasant and hurting exp; also during fasting month; whereby unfortunately decided to try d best satay in Kajang for dinner ard 7pm+ and guess what? They refused to sell saying that the satays are only for those breaking fast!

Why am i sharing all these?
1. People aware and careful when eating during fasting month to avoid ....
2. Avoid certain food outlets during peak break fast time if you don't want to be humiliated

Pls feel free to forward this.

3:00 AM  
Anonymous stardustz said...

ok... to those who think this blog is fake... whether or not this blog is fake... is beyond the relevant issue... the issue here is the corruption in pdrm.. our law enforcing body of malaysia... from what i can see.. this blog has called for what has long been needed... a stand.. a stand against bribery corruption and issues of the sort...

however.. to make an impact.. m'sians cannot be 'all talk, no action'.. then that would result in empty promises and high hopes... and m'sians would be labled as people who are 'full of sound n fury.. signifying nothing...' i don't want that..

by all means go to the opposition leader... go public.. bring in the press... for your own safety do not reveal your identity... and just remember.. do not let others take advantage of this case to cause political mahem.. eg. this party trying to overthrow that party... etc.. thats not what we want.. i think i can speak for all of us when we say we just want a better place to live in...

3:34 AM  
Blogger Jillian said...

I'm seriously saddened by what you had to go through. Because it shows a lot about Malaysia. Not the whole of it, certainly not. There are tons of great people still living in this country. But there are also these dirtbags of our society who give all of us a bad name. Thanks for the wake up call.

3:48 AM  
Blogger desiderata said...


this is my THIRD comment, following:

(1) first contact expressing concern& outrage, then posted on it "Malaysians have reason to be very afraid"

(2) came back early this morn (Sunday) to ask you to contact LIM KIT SIANG, Opp leader, as a logic next step, or even Suaram, to progress the action plan;
(3) I came back at regular intervals, but I DON"T SEE ANY BLODDY RESPONSES FROM YOU one way or another whether you have contacted LKS; others have also like me expressed empathy for you, but What the F..ks, all SILENCE from your bloody end it so difficult for you to update us whether it's YES or NO to a simple Q if you have contacted Lim Kit Siang.

This is the first time I've used WTFs beause I'm am a SRERIOUS BLOGGER promoting CIVIL SOCIETY -- I don't want to waste precious time montitoring a extremely important "SECUITY SITUATION".

IF you have not contacted LKS, pls get off your useless BUM and do it now!
You OWE IT TO ALL concenred commenters here the last few days --YOUR SILENCE means that even I see some ruthless attackers' fiery comments having some credence now! like YOU TAKING EVERYONE FOR A RIDE?!6.58pm sunday, i'l be back at 11.50pm today! That's a promise!

3:58 AM  
Anonymous Apollo market said...

Do what Desidereta suggested. You should at least wrote to Kit to find out what he can offer to help. if you need more time just tell him so. the whole Malaysian youth will behind you if you go out right now. We have enuff of PDRM. i seen it too becoz my brother was in the lokap not long ago. Just imagine you can made bribe payment in the front office of PDRM station. Sama Tiu kau PDRM.

4:21 AM  
Blogger Yik Wen said...

I just read your blog, and the way the policemen conducted themselves disgusts me. I wish you the best in recovering, and I hope you will make the media notice this blog and let it be known by all Malaysians.

4:38 AM  
Blogger starlight said...

my cousin forwarded me your blog address and i read about your ordeal with tears in my eyes. i love my country as much as you but sometimes it provokes me to feel otherwise. be strong.

5:31 AM  
Anonymous blitz-krieg said...

hey blogger, I guess you started this blog to share with every-one about your experience. From what you have stated,I agree it's all un-lawfull. I have heard raid's do occur often.
But you have seem to have under-gone a tough time.
Now I dont seem to under-stand why are you not pursuing with the matter instead of ranting on the blog?I mean amke a complaint to the cops.If they don't do anything,I am sure there are many other organisations who could help.Maybe get a lawyer,or meet some MP.I am sure something can be done to ensure that those cops are brought to justice for mis-treating.Dont sit back,getup and act and seek justice.
Some of the notable incident's of mistreatments are of the infamous black eye incident to the form DPM,the raid on Indian IT profesionals in brickfields,KL.

Would be keen on contacting you.
mail me at if you can. Bye from 'dave'(not my real name though).

5:41 AM  
Anonymous DoingTheRightThing said...

abettermalaysia, please consider the following quote, from a freedom fighter, and think deeply before making the decision:
"You have to do the right thing. It may not be in your power; maybe not in your time, that there'll be any fruit. But that doesn't mean you stop doing the right thing. You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result... "
I hope you will contact Mr. Lim just to know all the options available before you may go full force through the nation. If you just don't want, say it so, and we respect that but remember we have in front of us, 22 proofs, 22 evidences and 22 witnesses, not one or two. That's why the case is very strong. Everything is up to you. Mr. Lim may raise your issue in Parliament anonymously if you wish so. You have to tell him exactly that. We wait and see the relevant Minister's behaviour and action. Then we proceed step by step to next level. If you find uncomfortable in any stages, you may backoff. You may go anonymously all this while until you feel comfortable to reveal yourself. I write this after putting myself in your shoe and fully understand your predicament and risk that involved. That is why you should go slowly and step by step. If you do nothing, there will be no result and it may haunt you forever and who know, one day you may even regret of not taking any action in the first place when you have the opportunity to do so. This will be my last idea to you for this topic.

7:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i got to know abt this blog and after reading it i am aghast but also not totally suprised because for all our first world infrastructure, our authorities are no different than that of the junta in burma or gestapo under hitler. They dont believe in respect and individual liberty and that irritates me the most. we talk about human rights and mahathir chooses to advise suhakam but all this is reflects a palpable lack of respect for humanity in our owm backyard. The police is in effect the enforcer of what is wrong about malaysia and sadly no one wants to do anything about it.

making your story public is laudable and your bravery is admirable. The world is watching and god is watching, this cannot continue indefinitely but the change must be sparked by making such stories public and this is a great first step.

well done..

7:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to all bloggers, im a fren of one of the victims..he just told me tht the owner of this blog had contacted him to ask whether he wanna pursue the case or not..and he told me tht the owner is trying to gather all the 22s so they can do it together...they will be meeting up i would like to ask all bloggers to be patient and wait for their final decision

7:53 AM  
Blogger Lone said...

Hi Desi,
Give ABM a change and time to reflect. It is not so easy so come out and be counted.
But all the same, ABM you should find out at least how uncle Lim KS and Suaram and the others can help you out. You don't have reveal yourself to all, just those who are offering you help.
As for the rest, my gut feeling says ABM is for real, so please, please give him time and space.

8:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Your an idiot.So shut up.Go start your own blog about ppl who lie to amuse you.

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is becoming annoying.No updates,morons with the likes of fckuger are twice as annoying and unrelated comments posted.malaysia boleh?

9:40 AM  
Anonymous baby said...

i see people are getting impatient bout ABM not commenting.

hei, do u guys expect ABM to sit in front of the PC the whole day going through the blog and comments?? i'm pretty sure ABM has already read the suggestions on calling SUARAM and Mr Lim KS, but when something like this happens, decisions has to be made. and these decisions cannot be rushed.

of course everyone would think that going to SUARAM and the opposition party is definately the right thing to do, so why hasn't ABM done anything yet?? why wait some more?

when shit like this happens we have to take into account our family and love ones. some of them may not be as strong as we are, they might not want to go through all this shit again.

imagine finding out ur son was caught and jailed, and enduring 2 whole days of anxiety, waiting and worrying. and finally u bail him out, then the results came out negative, u'd think that finally u can leave everything behind u and get on with life... but NO, ur son just had to put this out into the open, and u worry that it'll be another headache again. u are worry that people might used him for their own propaganda. u are worried that his whole future will be jepordized.

tell me, how many of u will actually come out and stand up (in person, in real life) for ABM when this thing finally gets "blown open"??

from all the comments written, we all know that this was not the first case, so what happened to the other victims?? where are they?? why have they not come out??

to fcukger, i think u should stop commenting. u say ABM is a faker. i say maybe u should wake up and smell the coffee. i know this is a terrible thing to say, but.... i hope it happens to u so u will know how it feels. oh, but mabybe then, u'd be REAL enough to do something about it instead of just writing a blog.

10:13 AM  
Anonymous baby said...

oh and to the other 21s....

as the gwen stefani song goes "... what u waiting for??"

10:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To answer confused,

"Pudu Prison would be the central lock-up and temporary detention centre for drug addicts in the city. It will deal with lock-up space constraints," - Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Norian Mai

"The prison was closed in November 1996 and was briefly turned into a tourist attraction. It was turned into a detention centre for addicts rounded up during the 10th Organisation of Islamic Conference Summit in October 2003" - Copyright 1995-2004, Star Publications (Malaysia) Berhad. 10894-D

10:59 PM  
Anonymous baby said...

it's a sad thing that only 3 out of 22 have decided to "do something"...

getting on with life to forget might be easy, you will not be judge by the public. but how do u live up to your conscience?? will you forever run away from your problems?? will you never stand up if you were wronged?? what will you teach your children in the future, that it is ok to "close one eye", that we will accept what ever, as long as it doesn't concern our life??

what about the parents of the 22?? your child has been wrongfully treated. and you just accept it?? are you just gonna pack him off overseas to study and hope that the past will be forgotten??

the past always catches up... sooner or later...

11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey very sad to read abt ur story..i know you weren't really saying the 'model of the citizen'.. just as wat fukger perceived.. but i understand that u do the right thing to be a good citizen..thus i'm really saddened with ur story. like what others said..stand up for what you believe in..especially when it comes to proving u as innocent! go all the way!! fight for ur rights!

8:13 PM  
Anonymous Evie said...

hey,I think you write least you are willing to share your experiences.Tough luck..but I wish you all the best..
I think you're a cool dude..
Malaysia will be a better place..but it's just gonna take some time to revamp the whole system ( if it ever happens)
Don't give up on Malaysia yet..I'm sure there are some good, honest cops out there...

2:04 AM  

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