Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Good news.

I will not be closing the blog. Both myself and 'Jack' have just had a long chat with SUARAM and a little with Lim Kit Siang. It was a breath of fresh air and were very willing to help. Very valuable advise.

However I still need to be good at what I do that helps pay the bills and this issue is a huge drain in time. I am an extremely busy individual and the things I do for a living would directly involve the living conditions that most people take for granted, and these issues cannot wait. I cannot sit in front of the PC the whole day writing replies to whomever took the time to write to me, though it is thoroughly appreciated. So I will have to find a balance.

So I have decided to only read and write on this blog on the weekends while dedicating myself to the job on the weekdays. It's an honest decision that I have made and it gives me time to contemplate on the next course of action.

I want the police to know that I am supportive of the work they do and I want them to constantly improve in their service to the Malaysian people. The police cannot afford to churn out people who dislike their country and change people from law abiding citizens to those that do not care. Though this episode would most likely be an embarrasment to police, but when the nation knows that the police are trying their best then this episode would turn out to be a win-win situation for them.

Don't give up hope on the police. Because I haven't.

I will be taking the next few days to reflect, I will back on the weekends with more ideas and decide what I can possibly do to help the situation.

Be patient people. For those cursing and cussing about me not replying in 30 hours, 40 hours yada yada yada. Well, lets just say that everyday that I work benefits society, and replying to all of the comments are honestly quite low on my to do list. So I would appreciate some patience and would assure the people following the developments that there will be concrete action taken. But like all concrete, they take time to pour and set.


I think a change of name is in order, corrupted-malaysia somehow does not sound very helpful. And like what one blogger said on a post ( I think on Jeff Ooi's commented post), it would be better if I did not put down the country with such a name. And I wholeheartedly agree.

Anyway I seem to be going on and on. I'd better go. I have to be up by 5 in the morning for some urgent work matters. Have a great week Malaysia!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope everything will work out fine for you. I am sure everybody understand that you have a day job to keep and we will patiently await the outcome of your discussion sessions.

Best regards.

10:33 AM  
Blogger fcukger said...

This is ripley's believe it or not. After all the libellious things you hurled at the police and getting your supporters all worked up, you have the audacity to sing a diiferent tune. Fake says :"I want the police to know that I am supportive of the work they do ", and "when the nation knows that the police are trying their best " .

Let me translate that : " I am so very sorry police sir, for saying nasty things about the police, knowing very well they were not true.I promise to be a good boy now and praise you and your good work instead, will you please let me off, after all i am so young and ignorant, saying stupid things that should not have been said and bringing shame to our police and the good work they have done. Please let me off this once so that mummy, daddy and i can sleep well at night. So please don't come and get me middle of the night.

Apologise to the enemy and yet want to appear to be a hero. And Fake says "Don't give up hope on the police. Because I haven't". Now this IS sickening. You may now pretend to support the police but only idiots will support you from now.And there are quite a few here. I thought you were only chicken, but you turned out to be a slimy worm. Sucking up to those you condemed and lickin their balls when threatened. I dread what you would say to the police when they confront you.

I had asked you to stop the blog if you are not up to it. But now you want to continue and sound apologetic, it really is too late. THey will come and get you in the middle of the night..ask Kit, they always get him in the middle of the night. Worst, 21 other innocents guys will also 'kena', like McZul said.

He is now pretending to be too busy to read his own bloody blog. He is fighting for a better malaysia, but only in the weekend. Be patient , he says, while he publicly states that he supports the work that the police do. Don't give up on the police becoz the Fake hasn't, and i thought he was screwing the police all this while.

Fcukger had said before, Fcukger is right. This guy is a FAKE.

A FAKE who bribes the police and then condemn them for corruption. A law abiding citizen who not only bribes but see nothing about speeding along highways. A model of society,he says, but despise and looks down on the less fortunates. A snob who expects preferential treatment. A hypocrite who spews vitriols on the police and then proclaim his support for the good work of the police.
A FAKE in every sense of the word, just like fcukger say all along.

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Msian kiWi said...

Dear fcukger,
You have to understand the way things go in Msia. I was also once arrested for drugs and luckkily, all they did was rob me off my cellphone and my wallet.However,we must never do things to the extreme.How is running all these shit going to help solve the corruption crisis?Use your brains for once.The blogger has to work.He needs to meet ends meet at the end of the day, and having guys like you that has no life but to face the pc and start calling a hypocrite start commenting about him is not funny.And FYI, there are still some cops that do their job right without taking bribe.Although its a small percentage, you should stereo-type all cops as corrupted and selfish people. To the blogger,I recognise all your efforts in trying to make Malaysia a better place,even having to meet ends meet at the end of the day.Cheers

1:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep, go ahead, agree with you about changing the name of your blog site. Inform us the name, though.

2:15 PM  
Blogger jerng said...

Good man. This must have been a rather educating experience for you, amidst the otherwise middleclass lifestyle in safeness, no?

6:11 PM  
Blogger Lone said...

Way to go. My gut feeling got it rite that you won't be closing the blog.
Take your time reflecting what you want to do next. We can all only try in our own little way to make Malaysia a better place. :)

6:38 PM  
Blogger Lone said...

Just came to my mind :: what about this title for your blog ::Together 4 a Better Malaysia

6:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you are honest , you will not fear or hesitate in taking this to the mainstream media. yr reason for not doing so is un-valid. take it to the mainstream media, yr unwillingness to do so seems like u r hiding something or fear of being accused of defamation for something tht did not happen...

7:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fcukger is just a wanker.

she/he haven't gone through this shit. he got no fucking right to comment. in fact, he may be a police officer himself.

shame on the level of intelligence of fellow malaysians out there.

7:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i cant believe u r softening yr stance now. After gaining support and ppl behind u ..what the hell are u doing. take this case to court. these are low ranking policemen. they will not be protected for political reasons.

get the public eyes onto this.. i suggest contacting jeff ooi from screenshots. The more public attention the better. heck i wouldnt have known abt this site if i wasnt blog hopping. now how many ppl will blog hop?

do something man. dont back down now. do not fear. do not disappoint us.

7:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shame On your fcukger...Shame Shame...you are such a shoe polisher to the policemen. I bet you are queer to. And you may be a police office yourself too. Or perhaps one of your parent are those lousy, shameless, fate obnocious, bribed police officer.

7:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...






8:14 PM  
Anonymous WomenOfGod said...

Yo ABM..it's good to hear this great great news..

God is really working right now..but of course an advise..bring it to the media and also get more public attention..that will really help.

You've already got all the support you need..don't slow down again.

Everything will turn out just find..believe it!

8:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oi fcukger!

you sound like a substance abuser, sounds angry all the time and disinterested in life. we know your life is screwed, but doesn't mean you can screw other peoples' life. you have a serious behavioral, emotional and health problems. probably your daddy and mummy dumped you long ago. you kept saying other people got no brains, do you think you have brains? maybe you have but one that have all the wires mixed up like a rubbish bin full of dung. I think you are a drug abuser, a useless fucker, an idiot that molest young people, you are a fucking big problem to the society that should have been chucked away into the toilet and flush away. because of you, our society is full of shit moron and problematic people like you. i know you are a sex maniac that only think with your fucking prick that does not work anymore but not your cow dung brain.

bloggers, search the web with this unique name "fcukger" you'll see what kind of people fcukger is and you'll understand why all this while he was picking on ABM.

9:36 PM  
Anonymous downrodeo2 said...

ABM...u seem to be hesitant to really bring this up to the media. Are you softening up? Are u letting all of us down? I cant help but agree with fuckger on your statement regarding hope with the police. Youre singing a different tune my man. If this is the advise from SUARAM to calm the situation down then so be it. Otherwise, youre just playing with all the ppl that has supported you. Other than your self pity, you dont seem to have anything else motivating you. Its has been like what? 2 weeks? Youre still not doing anything concrete.

If you are serious to make Malaysia a better one, pls put some committment to this struggle. No one said its gonna be easy. when you started posting, you already knew this is gonna be an uphill struggle. Prove fcukger wrong for your sake.

9:46 PM  
Blogger alex2009™ said...

We are here to support you.
But remember to uphold justice for we the RAKYAT + YB KIT + JEFF OOI + the BLOGGER COMMUNITY MALAYSIA stand uphold & support the country we are born in. It is our country and will die defending her.

9:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fcukger is just trying hard to attract attention. Anyway this poor guy has succeeded somehow.

Believe me or not there are people out there trying to look smart by being sarcastic. It has become a trend I believe.

They are trying desperately to be different but yet they are so alike.

10:30 PM  
Anonymous Apollo market said...

That's the way-man! I'm proud of u and so were my colleagues and frens. Change the the blog name is a good idea. Do it fast.

fcukger, you are a mofo in the eyes of Malasysian youth.

10:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you guys are so caughtup with life, dont even notice the little details, this things donkey years going on la. i paid a cool $1000 to swap my urine. but i was guilty and now i'm free! kinda nice having a corrupted gov. you can get anyway with anything. to bad you think life was nice and dandy, welcome to the real world my friend. anyway all cops are bastards.

10:33 PM  
Anonymous zorro said...

Do us all a favor, move over, shut your blog, go cry in your corner. I have had enough of your whinning.You will not hear from me again.

11:03 PM  
Blogger desiderata said...


you stole the same words out of my mouth -- saved me some breath. Thanks.

11:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to Zorro and desitera..shut the fuck up!

ur just like fcukger

Leave here if ya not going to help but picking on ABM!

1:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear ABM,

Hang in there bud. Don't worry about the negative folks. They probably lead sad and hopeless lives. Some are even Christina Aguilera fans. Heh. Pity them if anything....

Sometimes in life the time comes when one has to make a stand. Your time is now. And you're not alone.

Peace my brother.

1:57 AM  
Blogger Hartz said...


check out the fucker's blog man...he really has no life and to have that "desiderata" supporting that arsehole..i wonder if they're actually couples ahahaha....

Get a life you two!

(ABM,sorry for my language..just can't take it anymore)

2:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do not change the url of your blog! People are starting to take notice of your story via multi level people to people email forwarding.
If you change the url. Then future readers in the loop will find it harder to find your blog.

However having said that. You could create another blog with a different url. And leave a forwading note on this blog to tell people your blog have move on to a new url. Leave this blog on for a grace period of 2 months before you delete it.


2:41 AM  
Anonymous baby said...

dear fuckger,

you're one very paranoid psycho b**ch. wats all these talks bout "coming to get you in the middle of the night"?? and all that shit bout "running back to mommy and daddy".

were you young when "they" came to get you?? did they "do" something to you?? was it in the middle of the night?? did your mommy and daddy leave you??

i pity your pathetic shit soul. and PUHLEESE get a life. obviously, ABM has one, and he has to get back to it. afterall, no one can just dwell in front of the PC day in day out and b**ch bout other people. there's this thing call life. so please get one.

u label ABM a fake, someone who bribes the police, a hypocrite and a snob... do you have proof?? if not, then i wonder, who is the one that's spewing slander here??

and yes, for our sake SHUT THE F**K UP!!

3:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I think its best for you to just not read all this. I think ur a plain asshole and not being supportive. At least his doing sumthing rather than you sitting on ur big arse and just keep telling negative things bout him. Btw what do u get if its fake or not. Its people like you who just knows to open their big fat mouth than ruins this country. If you wanna support than be a fren n support if not go get alive ..dont yah have better things 2 do than 2 read this n keep telling us all ur lame theory Nobody cares about what u say man...if u wanna just find peoples mistake go find ur own arse mistakes.

4:42 AM  
Blogger Sharizal said...

Dear ABetterMalaysia

I am so glad.

All the best in your endeavours, you have many many many people rooting behind you.

4:46 AM  
Anonymous lorrie said...

ABM, hope this blog succeeds in surfacing issues that have long been hushed up in Malaysia. not just corruption but things like racism and all i safely say have also been indirectly brought up through the bouts of comments. all the best.

and to the readers, c'mon, ur attempts to insult fcukger so that she will shut her gap is just giving her the kind of attention she's seeking.

here's what we should do: scroll pass fcukger's comments and don't reply to her... think it'll work better that way, no?

but yea, i do agree she seems quite free... haha.

5:25 AM  
Blogger Mr. Smith said...

I am just outraged by the way the police have treated these 22 innocent people and I wish you will do everything within your means - through SUARAM and Mr Lim Kit Siang - to highlight this sordid episode.
I strongly believe every word in your story and I see no reason why you should remain anonymous.
I suggest you call a press conference through Mr Lim and secondly take a civil suit against the police.
If the Malaysian media does not take up your case, then there is no hope for a better Malaysia.
If only there was a VIP's son in your group, then things would have been different.

5:34 AM  
Anonymous antifcukger said...

This is what I found about police abuse of power


Abuse of the Remand Procedure by the Police and Magistrates
Although the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) allows remand orders to be granted not exceeding 15 days if investigations cannot be completed within 24 hours of the arrest, the police invariably inform the magistrate that the suspect is being investigated for an offence and the magistrate in the majority of cases as a matter of “due course” grants a remand order against the suspect without checking the desirability for such an order. The magistrate normally performs this task in an administrative manner and fails to scrutinise the propriety of the arrest, the investigation done in the preceding 24 hours and the connection between the suspect and the crime. In most cases, no investigation is carried out at all within the initial 24 hours, and in many cases there is no logical connection between the length of remand period and the alleged offence.

Often remand procedures are carried out with neither the proper participation of the suspect nor the presence of a lawyer if he or she has one. The situation is made worse as there is a general lack of information regarding the fate of a suspect. A telephone call is not regarded as a right and is discretionary. The whereabouts of a suspect and details while under remand are normally not easily forthcoming from the police. Family members and lawyers are usually given the runaround concerning the place of detention. Access to the suspect and details as to when the suspect is to be brought to court for a remand order or to be charged are also often denied.

There is also the problem of the “chain smoking order” being made against a suspect. This is where the police inform the magistrate that the suspect is being investigated for a another offence as well; they thus call for a further and different remand order. The suspect is then further detained (in excess of the maximum 15 days) and sometimes taken to different jurisdictions to “solve” other crimes. In the different jurisdiction, the suspect is sometimes further remanded, and the presiding magistrate may not have been informed of the suspect’s history of being consecutively remanded. Even if the magistrate was duly informed, the cycle of automatic remand orders is frequently administered without due regard to the constitutional and legal provisions. There have been cases where suspects have been detained for more than two months in various police stations in various states, resulting in severe deterioration of health and even death while in police custody.

Some suspects in prolonged detention are detained under the Emergency Ordinance (EO), which allows the police to hold suspects for up to 60 days. Under the ordinance there is no need for a remand order from a magistrate. All that is required is that a police officer of or above the rank of deputy superintendent report the circumstances of the arrest. He must show the inspector general of police or his designated officer that actions were taken with a view to “preventing any person from acting in a manner prejudicial to public order” or for “suppression of violence” or for “prevention of crimes involving violence.”

5:52 AM  
Anonymous DRMANA said...

From psychiatry viewpoint, fcukger may diagnosis as having any of the following disorders:

(a) ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)

(b) Multiple Personality Disorder

(c) Inferiority Complex

From the person's writing above three disorder seems close. However without looking at the face expression during writing the comments, it will hard to concluded which of the above three is the right diagnosis. Readers of this blog are advised to ignore so that fcukger will be more relaxed.

6:49 AM  
Anonymous Apollo market said...

I liked drmana said stuff abt fcukger and shud included desiderata too. Very cool and amusing.
2 of them are a MOFO!

7:29 AM  
Blogger SUCitUPuFCUKGER said...

hey fcukger...
who knows maybe u r a cop urself in malaysia trying to defend ur own a$$. dont ya all think so? lol...
anyhow, who cares about fcukger. he is just a tinny a$$ dude with maybe "small man syndrome" or maybe "Small pennis syndrome" trying to say what's in his mind. stop being so shallow and come out from ur mother's crib and stop succing those nipples. it aint good for u no more. stupid fool. some people can never grow up...oh wellz, u will get ur turn FCUKGER!

I'm so very proud of ur blog "drug bust jails 22 innocents" keep up the good work and dont let stupid ppl let u down. u r a role model for everyone in malaysia. and regardless of how the outcome of this issue is, you know and we all know u did ur part as a good malaysian and u have nothing to regret about. unlike those who keep giving u negative opinions and judging u constantly because they are just bunch of cowards and dumb fools.
good luck and god bless ya!!!

8:20 AM  
Anonymous bitchfcukger said...

shut up fcukger and stop wasting your asshole time commenting nonsense. you better use your time to clean up my toilet bowl and i wil pay you. at least this blog is better than your blog(fcukger.blogspot.com).you just post wat the shit in there. So just Fuk off, dickhead. i bet you wont like to grow a dick on your head!(if you hav one)

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Jack said...

fcukger = has too much time on his hands = needs to get a job to start with = visit www.jobstreet.com

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Jack said...

fcukger = has too much time on his hands = needs to get a job to start with = visit www.jobstreet.com

9:44 AM  
Blogger fcukger said...

ROTFL bwahahahahahha.....

All had been had by the FAKE. All had been taken for a ride.Bwahahahahahaa...


And I've got news for you, KIt is out of your case becoz you've got no shred of evidence. He can be diplomatic with you but you are difinitely OUT.And McZul is right, take your story with a BIG grain of salt....bwahahhaa

Makes me wonder whether your story is as FAke as your personality. And someone told me all these anonymous posts full of vitriols is actually posted by you yourself. Like i said chicken, and a disillusioned one. Bwahahahhaaa...

Btw some nut said google search fcukger and so i did . Bwahahahha...thanks for the tip, now i go and read some sex stuff first to see whether these people are doin it corectly.. they may also be FAKES like FAKE ABM....bwahahhah

FAKE FAKE FAKE..soon he will disappear into oblivion, or so he hoped, but i got info the tracking's done.

Fcukger is proven right, not a single soul could point out any thing wrong in any of my posts. Becoz I speak THE truth and the truth hurts the whinning wimp and his alter anonymous personalities....bwahahahhha

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Ivan said...


you are really contradicting. Now you say theres hope for the police and you approve of their work?

"I want the police to know that I am supportive of the work they do and I want them to constantly improve in their service to the Malaysian people. The police cannot afford to churn out people who dislike their country and change people from law abiding citizens to those that do not care."

.... somehow while fcukger's comments are direct, he has a point man.

Stick to your guns, keep to your point. Don't change your opinion halfway juse because 1001 patriots have suddenly appeared showing you support.

What you just wrote was that you support them hauling your model of society butt down to the station.

And lastly, why change your blog title?

Bloody hell quit changing your mind...

11:36 AM  
Blogger Old Fart said...

Yes, Ivan is right. You are trying to be politically correct by saying the police are nice and wonderful and all....and then you have this tiff with them about what happened to you. You are trying to outdo Job are you?

Fact is, based on what you will find in http://www.suaram.net/campaign_poli
ce.htm as posted earlier by antifcukger, the position you described yourslf as having come under happened becaue of the failings of not just the police, but also the magistrate.

It would seem like as if it was because of the lackadisical attitude of the magistrate that your agony was prolonged.

If you really want to go after the police over this, then your aims will fall short of the target if the magistrate was also not included in your sights.

Leaving that aside, from your earlier posturing of the police as one of corrupt, abusive and bullying lot to what you describe of them here shows how easily you allow yourself to be politically manuvered by "powers that be"....Whether it was LKS who did it or Suaram who did it, it looks like the only way that can happen is when you suddenly see how the wheels turn in Malaysia and when you do get caught in those wheels, you really can't complain that it takes too long to turn.

Your original posting sullied the entire police force. I have previously suggested that you focus on procedures and processes and what it was the police had to rely on and knock holes in these.

I still hope you will do that. But if you are now sufficiently cowed into believing your own contribution to your situation and would rather back off...well....you might just prove fcukger right!

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Fcukger-is-a-psycho-b**ch said...

dear fcukger,

things that should be on your to do list:
1. get a life
2. get a job
3. get laid...

u sad pathetic b**ch

4:40 PM  
Anonymous I choose to remain anonymous said...

After my first visit, I thought I didn't want to come back here. That is until I noticed messages being passed around about this site, and that some people are taking it too seriously at face value.

Like some commenters here, I am skeptical that the incident ABM described really happened. As a piece of reporting, it is hardly useful to anyone if readers here cannot find other information to back up ABM's claims. I have not found any reports of the incident described here anywhere. I am frequently at Sri Hartamas, and I have not heard word of this happening, and I even asked the parking lot attendant who works at the car park behind Soda.

Nevertheless, I am a great believer in the right for anybody to speak out against injustice without fear of unjust retaliation towards his person, his livelihood, and his family. I also understand that many who wish to speak may not know the appropriate way to do so. I have also found myself being untreated unfairly by the police before, although it was for a minor offence, and for that, I am willing to give ABM the benefit of the doubt, at least until it is proven that this site is a hoax, which, I also suspect.

If this incident really did happen, then ABM should brush up on his reporting and approach the issue in a calm and calculated manner. Consider the way this man described his own experience of being arrested for being a suspected terrorist - Innocent In London - and his efforts to bring the issue to the public forum.

If this incident did not happen, then I feel that this site has been given undue attention and credibility by too many of my friends, and then many more others.

One of the most troubling things about this blog, apart from the vague slanderish writing, the sensationalism of title, and the negative connotations of the URL, are the other comments here.

Some commenters have taken it upon themselves to spend a lot of time and energy to attack ABM in a personal manner. Others have decided to defend ABM by trying to shout down those detractors. Frankly, this is childish and does not contribute to the discussion.

Do not feed the trolls. Let them have their say and then have yours or hold your peace, and leave. There is no point of turning the comments section of this blog into a space for flaming wars.

For ABM, if you are genuinely serious about presenting your views, you should pay more attention to the comments you receive and how the comments are contributing to your blog. You have the right to delete comments that contribute negatively to this blog and compromises your message. If people truly want to say things against you, let them do it in their own time, in their own place, or other forums; not in your own blog. If you want to be fair, then be gracious and link to them. People will vote with their feet.

We are a democracy. A healthy government derives from a healthy forum by the people. By all means, rant and whine all you want, but if you want to be taken seriously, then the only way is by presenting your views logically and in a purposeful manner.

You guys have it all wrong. Why should he take it to the media? This IS the media. For the first time, we have the media in our hands to publish our views for the whole world to see. And the beauty of it is, we can say what we want to say without revealing our identities. What truly matters is the value of what we have to say. In the anonymous web, that is the only thing that matters, and that is what we will use to judge the merits of a particular view.

ABM has the right to be anonymous. He alone has the right to tell his story, and the right to give the proper information to give his story credibility, including his identity if he wishes. And we have the right to believe him or discredit him based on that information.

And that applies to everyone else here that wants to comment.

Know your rights, value it, and respect the rights of others. We want to be better Malaysians? Then, we should start with ourselves.

For "A Better Malaysian" in all of us, have no fear to stand up and speak out for what is right. In the real world, nobody is free from responsibility for his actions; or inactions, as the case may be.

Nah, take my RM1 coin. Do it with it what you will, but soon. In a couple of months it won't be worth anything anymore.

As for myself, I think it's a shame that such an important subject has been presented and then received so shabbily. Hoax or not, there are obviously others who care about the issues here and wish to contribute. For that, you have my respect, and thanks for providing a space to air my own thoughts.

7:04 PM  
Blogger abettermalaysia said...

Dear all,

Thank you all for your messages, they were all read and taken into consideration, except 'fcukger's of course, whom I habitually scroll past nowadays. Anyhow just to explain a little, if you notice, there was never any stance taken in my blog. Though I might be angry with what has happened, I have to let my anger subside and then think objectively on my next course of action.

Giving up on the police would not do any good. No good whatsoever. If I gave up on the police and think that there will never be any hope, then I should close shop and carry on with my life.

From what I know, the events that happened to me were actually previously documented in the police commission report. And in my opinion, all they need is a little kick to start the ball rolling.

Personally I think being diplomatic is a good start. And hope trumps hate anytime of the day. Wheels are turning so be patient.

Have a good day people.

Oh, and the interesting thing about 'fcukger' is that he stirs up sentiment among the blog readers, and that keeps them interested and passionate. I think you might be doing me a favour 'fcukger'. How come you have so much time to write all these long messages anyway? Don't you have to work? If you do, you're wasting your company's time and money.

7:19 PM  
Anonymous i choose to remain anonymous said...

By the way, I'm glad that you have taken a more constructive step towards voicing your issues. I have just read MackZul's comments about your blog and I will be coming back to see how you fare.

I will say this much for now: even if you are proven to be a liar, which, I sincerely hope for your own sake you will not, this site is already an example of how important it is that we treat blogging as a medium in the proper way it deserves.

8:33 PM  
Anonymous . said...

Well, just sue them.

10:29 PM  
Anonymous Apollo market said...

Well said, ABM. You will prevail.

10:43 PM  
Blogger Old Fart said...


since you have not stated anywhere if you do or do not know who Francis Udayapan is and what exactly happened to him, you can read about him in today's Malaysiakini. Then you tell all of us what you think and how you should move forward....half-heartedly, full-heartedly or what? And tell us your fate as against what happened to Francis and many many more like him.

12:23 AM  
Anonymous mystify said...

a better malaysian ...

i've just discovered this link to your blog and just gotten to know about your story. good on you for keeping your feet on the ground and staying strong and more importantly staying positive. nothing you have done till now will go to waste. be patient. what goes around comes around. as for life ...

you live, you learn.

sharing your experiences will help others when they are in your shoes in the future.

you have already done what you can and what you think is right and i fully support your decision. a big pad on the back from me. mayhaps instead of debating what you should do about this, who you should report to, if this is a fake story or not or who is a bigger bastard, you and everyone else could suggest ways of getting out of or dealing with similar situations, and informing each others about our rights as being a malaysian.

maybe this is a start.
1. do not sign any papers without reading anything or until your lawyer arrives ?
2 - 999[to be added]

i am an independent filmmaker. this is a good story. perhaps with enough funding and actors support, i will one day make a film about this.

towards a better place ...

4:19 AM  
Anonymous DebiruBoy said...


Article 5

No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Article 9

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.

Article 11

1. Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence.

2. No one shall be held guilty of any penal offence on account of any act or omission which did not constitute a penal offence, under national or international law, at the time when it was committed. Nor shall a heavier penalty be imposed than the one that was applicable at the time the penal offence was committed.

Article 30

Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein.

6:09 PM  
Anonymous eff you said...

WTF? What's the big hoo haa for? In the first place, why go to such places... see haa, now in trouble, tell the whole world who's innocent and who's guilty. Human nature la like this... Once trapped in a situation, strive all they can.. well kudos! At least I know you're just human! Jack or what ever...

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Jin Big Fatt said...

fcukger, ermm dude... I think you make more sense than this nonesense la. Now they're saying u fake they fake? WTF? as in What The Fake? sigh... to a frien ,Jinn who forwarded me the link to this blog... no thanks to you... this is a waste of time.. and owh shit.. typing this is 2 minutes of my time.. shit!

8:41 PM  
Anonymous Azril said...

Damn... I've never realised it was this bad... I really think you should bring this up in the mainstream media.

I really hope all will go well with you man.

9:12 PM  
Anonymous azhar said...

The following is a another account regarding a police raid. I remember reading it on the star in april.

it was taken from the following url

However the star did not state that a policeman saw the girls buttocks as they were peeing into the testtubes.

kiamkana Livejournal wrote:
"police" raid took place in netmaster, damansara jaya
Ok...so yeah..i was happily playing Dota for the third round, when all of a sudden like 5 minutes before the clock struck 12. The cyber cafe's fluorescent lights were switched on. Right in front of me was a thug looking person with an idiotic smirk on his face wearing a torn and tattered skull cap. I took a glance around and not paying attention to my character in Dota which most probably died [Lina Inverse] and i saw about 10 malay people all about the place. I thought it was a mugging situation. Yes, i thought i was going to get robbed in the cyber cafe. I quickly took my handphone and was about to shove it in my shoes when i heard people talking about them.

Apparently they were the 'police'. Well, all dressed in ugly leather jackets, skull caps, singlets, boots that looked like they were fished out from the ocean during the 1980's, cologne smelling like road tar, and jeans that looked as though they were about to 'pop' due to the tightness. So yeah....a raid. Everyone was asked to hand out their Identification card to them, as a lady walked about and collected them. Well, till they reached this guy at the back of me who kinda resisted a little.

The guy at the back of me [just call him MR A], ok so yeah. Mr. A handed out his IC to them, and when the 'police' tried to take it from him, he held it and said 'why should i give it to you? how do i even know your the police?' then they said something like 'why are you causing so much resistance, do you know that if you just cooperate with us, you won't be brought to jail'. Me sitting on the chair opposite the guy was like, yeah right...go to jail for not giving them your IC. So after a while, the guy called his friends, and several police were yelling at the guy saying that he was disrespectful to the police, and he caused so much trouble, and stuff.. and he was constantly saying sorry, and don't shout at me, i was trying to verify who you were before handing you my IC. Mr. A took a video and pictures of them with his handphone and said i need proof or something like that. I actually recorded some parts of the conversation with my handphone secretly.

The next thing i knew, they took out their handcuffs and cuffed the guy. Then an idiotic FAT bastard 'police' came and shouted 'of course were the police, can't you see our guns'. They then forced MR. A to show them his handphone and demanded that he delete the video's and pictures. Yeah...so that means each individual that owns a gun is part of the police force? PUH lease....we know that your dumb, but don't infect us with your stupidity.

They were being so rude and unreasonable. So yeah the people in the cyber cafe got divided into 2 sections later on. The guy section, which took up most of the space and the gurl section which had only 2 people, and they were both my friends. They were conducting a urine test that moment. So they took out a HUGE box and hurled out lots of urine bottle thingys.

The guy called out the names of the people and started directing them to the toilet, and the guys had to like pee 4 at the time in each cubicle. Well, i had a problem peeing in front of people, and one of the younger police man was actually kinda enough to let me go in alone, but he had to make a peep hole cause he said it was procedure. But still i couldn't pee. I mean, i pee-ed like right before the raid happened. So i had to wait and let other people go in. So one of the fat assed police man said why can't you pee? cause i don't have any pee... policeman - 'if you can't pee by the end of this raid, your going to spend the next 14 days in jail'. Yeah right, a police can only detain a person for 48 hours. I was like yeah...., and after rolling my eyes i just stood there and waited like an animal outside the toilet. Eventually i pee-ed, after drinking water that i had with me.

Then came the gurls, my two friends. They were peeing with the police looking at them through the peep hole, so yeah...they practically saw my both friends asses. Those asswipe perverts. Then they tested everyone's urine and said sarcastic things like 'i'll be back', and stupid things. I mean, those people called themselves the police when they have no warrant, no badge, no nothing to actually conduct a raid. As we went out, we saw the stupid irritating bastards get into 2 cars. A very old ugly white wira with no police sticker or anything indicating it was a police car, and a really ugly white van. The policeman of Malaysia are a real disgrace to the country. They couldn't even handle the situation well, let alone the people. Oh yeah...and if they were following rules, why did they all [most of the policeman] even smoke in the cyber cafe, when it is clearly forbidden to even smoke in there.

So it ended when the police called out the names of those people who handed in their IC's to them. They even made fun at the names and called them loudly. WHen my name came, i was just pissed so i walked to the guy and took my IC, and an idiotic police women [dressed in what only can be described as something a beggar would wear] said - jalan macam lah model -, which in english means - oh my, your walking like a model.

As i said, most of the police in the Malaysian force are stupid and a dumb. They should have a qualification better then SPM to actually let them work in the force. No wonder idiots that turn into cops make the country go haywire with stupid acts and remarks. I feel so ashamed of the police force in Malaysia. Why can't the police force be more like the US or the Hong Kong force where the policemen there are actually respected and go about at their jobs professionally. I guess, only idiots like these give them a bad name. Im not saying ALL the policemen are total dumbasses. Its just that, with dumbasses like these, stain the good name of those who are actually true to the country, and follow things by the book.

What do you think people? are they a disgrace to our country?

ps : i know i ranted alot, but i felt so enraged at them, for the way they handled things, the way they talked, the way they treated people.

9:57 PM  
Anonymous Corgan said...


the normal procedure for police is to show warrant or some sort of identity to prove that they're cops.

Are you being conned? There are plenty of stories these days about "bogus cops". These people go about coning peole and even rape women! You mentioned that the white wira they're riding doesn't even have some sort of sticker indicating they're police.

Also azhar, don't think the U.S police is more superior than ours. You haven't read the stories about police brutalty there. You obviously haven't heard o this old guy who got beaten up by 4 cops just because he was black.

11:34 PM  
Anonymous Kamal said...

I'm confused, how can you say you have no evidence? I quote from your very first post:

"Somehow the policeman missed it and even dared to SMS Jack’s mother later on Monday night after we got out, asking ‘WHERE’S THE MONEY’."

"And everybody was told that they have to open a bank account, deposit the bail money into the bank, make it back to the court house with all the paperwork in order by 12pm."

From these two sentences I can see that you have an sms from one of the officers, and paperwork used to open the bank account! I thought someone else might have picked up on these points in your story so I read thru all the comments for the other posts, but apparently not. You can argue that the sms was in Jack's mother's phone and she deleted it, but what about the paperwork for opening the bank account? Didn't your parents keep it? What about Jack's parents? Nobody? Did the police make them hand over everything? Because that wasn't mentioned in your very detailed description of events. Its also surprising because whoever bailed you people out already know you are being treated unfairly, and surely one of them would have the sense to keep this important evidence.

The process used to deposit the bail money was strange considering that at the end the magistrate didn't even give any paper stating your name was cleared. You have the bank account numbers after all. If your story is true, then I hope little pieces of evidence like this go a long way with SUARAM etc. to help you.

12:38 AM  
Anonymous reply azhar said...

either u watch too much csi or TVB series

3:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I summarised these from amnesty international:

Case1: Lee Quat Leong, 42, mechanic

Remanded suspicion of robbery on 27 Apr 95. Died on 12 May 95 after seriously beaten up by police during extensive 96 hours interrogation. On Oct 95, LKS (DAP) tabled motion in parliament. Case closed in Jan 96, 2 policemen jailed for 18 months.

Case2: Vikenes Vesvanathan, 19, form-six student

Shot dead by police in Oct 2003. His family believed he is innocent, fight for justice. Till now no justice prevail.

Case3: Tharma Rajen, 19, waiter with no criminal record.

Arested in 3 April 2002 for alleged gang fights. Ill treatement in custory till he died in 21 June 2002. Till now no justice prevail.

Those cases were very serious and involved death. From what I see, the government and the higher ranking police such as the AG and IGP were treating those high profile cases like nothing had happenned.

Your case, it's fortunately that you were not badly hurt, besides your dignity-lah okay. Unfortunately, I think the government, AG, IGP will not even worried about your case.

LKS did get results. Too bad I think you decide not to do this with LKS.

Those cases involve people's death, does not affect how the police operate a single bit. Worse case still emerging even we have bodies like suhakam, suaram, and international amnesty. Why?

Your case, even if you said the ball is rolling, and you promised results come soon, I really doubt anything prevail for the next one or even two years.

If you want back justice for your case, the chance is almost nil. This blog will not have any effect on the police at all. It has no threat to them. Don't worry about they track you down and all this kind of shit! They won't, brother. If they do, you are already in jail now, prabably battered until you're a vegetable now, and charged for damaging the police image.

People have been talking about how bad the police are, how they are related to gangsterism. The police know that already. They are not afraid and worried when facing cases involving deaths of detainees. Even if case like Lee Quat Leong, two policemen appeared to have been brought to justice, these two policemen probably receive five star treatment in the jail. Your case, they will put it to their last to do list.

However, eventhough I sounded negative, I know there are hopes. I feel this blog will only have effect in those who newly join police, that have a clean mind, not until when they are infected by the deadly disease that make them power and money thirst. Once a good police has chosen the wrong path, there is no turning back. The worse thing is, the disease is contagious. Older corrupted generations contaminate the younger generations. And this goes on and on, never ends.

Corrupted police gets old and dies one day. I assume new police to be clean when he joins the force. Somehow everyone seems to join the whack-people-get-money club and enjoyed being a member.

ABM, this is not an easy job that you've promised the readers. Just like Pak Lah had promised Malaysia that he wants corruption free. Two years has passed. More cases are emerging since he is the PM.

This could be positive or negative. Positive because maybe he really did his job and more people are caught. Negative because maybe he is not doing is job and more police joins the whack-people-get-money club.

Anyway, I do not reject to your blogging. Just put comment here. Happy blogging!

6:03 AM  
Anonymous Kamal said...

I don't intend to start a flame war, but to azhar: I haven't watched either of the shows you mentioned before, and by pointing out those two lines I'm showing that there is some proof, yet ABM makes it look like there isn't. This and other parts of his story makes the entries on his blog less believable in my opinion, and only time will tell whether it is true or not.

7:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is going no where and im losing interest and shall not be visiting this blog again.I've supported ABM b4 this and he seems to be letting everyone down.Bold and beautiful is much more interesting than this.

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just simply talking won't stop anything. DO IT!

You need many sacrifies (a high price) for this kind of thing to be stopped or changed. NOT JUST BY TALKING. TALK IS CHEAP.

8:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous 4.10pm, you are a racist, it does not matter you are a malay or other races, the police if they are notorious, they don't give a fuck about your race!

I just summarised some cases for example only, didn't meant to show that there were no malay cases (my apologies), there were many cases involve malays listed in amnesty international, suhakam, suaram, some not even published in the newspaper. Get real, the MAJOR newspaper does not cover things like this, they are controlled media.

My intention of the comment is tell the author of this blog that if he intend to do this himself, forget about it, however I did not reject if he wants to continue talking about it, that's his bloody business.

The author has said he wants to keep himself as anonymous to Suaram and LKS. By doing this, Suaram and LKS can't do any damn thing. All they can do is list this story on their website. You can list a thousand stories on the web, guess what, the government's authorities won't give a damn, that's how it is things are here.

If you want to change things, "DO" your fucking part by voting the right government! PLEASE!

8:44 PM  
Anonymous ismail said...

excerpts from

mind you. all this cases was reported on the newspaper folks. The police need to clean up their act! Or else George Bush will come over, because they are terrorist.


Penang - A suspect had a "horrendous experience" while in police custody when molten wax was dripped onto his private part and newspapers shoved into his mouth, a Sessions Court heard yesterday. Counsel K. Simon Murali submitted that the hotel assistant housekeeper A. Vijayan, 33, was not only beaten up but also abused in a cruel manner…

The Star, Saturday, June 29, 2002, page 14

119. COPS WRAP UP PROBE, Alleged rape of two female detainees:

Police have completed investigations into the alleged rape of two female detainees at the Ampang police lock-up…

The Malay Mail, Tuesday, March 12, 2002, page 3


Malacca - State police are investigating complaints from a trailer driver who was allegedly forced to drink his own urine and had crushed chilli padi rubbed on his private part while under detention at the Jasin police lock-up…

The Star, Friday, February, 1, 2002 page 3


A businessman alleges he was threatened at gun point and beaten when he tried to break up a quarrel at a disco. He went to the police station to make a report and claimed he was punched and kicked again. He was remanded for ten days…

The Malay Mail, Sunday, 28 January, 2001, page 1

105. THAI TOURIST CLAIMS MOLEST BY COPS. They deliberately grazed my breasts and buttocks in the lock-up, says 20-year-old.

Klang - Sun: A 20-year-old tourist from Thailand said today that she was molested and mistreated by policemen while being detained in the police lock-up in Port Klang…

The Sun, Monday, November 13, 2000, page 7

10:04 PM  
Anonymous ismail said...

Why is everyone calling abettermalaysia a chicken for not going to the newspaper. Or oldfart clearly trying to bring attention to issues important to him, but yet not having the guts to start a blog about francis's death or how the indians are the defactor victim by the police.

Everyone is telling abettermalaysia to goto suaram, to talk to LKS. You are like the mices in the hole shifting the responsiblity of which mice is to go put the bell on cat's neck. In the end the divided mices were all eaten by the cat.

If you feel responsible. Start your own blogs. Tell your local and foreign friends. Talk to your local MPs about it. Talk to the ngos like rotary club, kiwanis club, lions club about it. Forward this link to your friends. The main thing is to create awareness.

I already started a blog about it. Thus ensuring that this story will not died even if abettermalaysia is intimidated to end the blog.

This problem was due to our parent's ignorance in the first place, turning a blind eye and thinking it will never happend to their loved ones. Let's put a stop to it.

10:18 PM  
Anonymous Dawn J. said...

To the writer of this blog: Ever considered approaching the Asean/M'sian media? Would be a great story to tell, but of course the damn government will find fault... try tapping into less-known sources... I read your article hours ago and I'm still very angered.

2:12 AM  
Anonymous Dawn J. said...

Before any of you guys insult the writer, bear in mind that the media in Malaysia in general are pretty biased. Due to the fact that they're being backed and financed by political affiliations, you can immagine what happens. You can try approaching a chinese newspaper. NST and Star will most likely NOT cover your story. Same goes for local tv channels. Even if a reporter is interested, her editor will not approve it. Even if it passed through printing, they (and the people involved) *might* get in trouble with the ISA.

2:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As racist as u may think i am(which i believe is besides the point - it is a fact that malaysia wouldnt be in the 'longkangs' its in if healthy competition among races was encouraged and the bumi special rights program never existed!) ...nothing gets done by sitting around and talking...anonymous at 8.15pm is right 'talk is cheap'!

Doesnt it stand to reason that the 'sons of the land' should fight for the betterment of the land thats 'theirs'? It is sad to see that in most instances these people are the ones who maintain the very mentality that holds us all back.

I vote for the right party at every opportunity...but needless to say i am not part of the 60+% of the country that votes against me...

I agree with Ismail it is our parents fault, and our fault if we dont fix this for our kids. Malaysia cannot truly be one country till we are all of one race - MALAYSIANS!! Where we are at George Bush should come over and do some 'cleaning'. We fight, we destroy, we litter, we even let children use the roadsides as toilets 'kalau tak boleh tahan'

4:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i should end with while what happened to abettermalaysia is disgusting and an experience i dont think i could survive...its not just the police that need to be reprimanded...we need to change our way of life, our mindset..

4:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I generally avoid replying racist comments but: what do you mean by healthy competition among races? Do you know that only 4-5% of the country is made up of Indians yet the govt always makes it seem like its evenly divided between Malays,Chinese and Indians? Indians are the real minority in our country. I'm Malay and I don't like the bumiputera special treatment either, I think families who have lived here a number of generations should automatically be granted bumiputera status, so that eventually a majority of the population (mixed races) will be bumi, and the special priveleges can be phased out.

Unfortunately most Malays are very, very sensitive about their bumiputera status. Suggesting that a non-Malay be granted it lead to some pretty violent reactions when I proposed it to some people :(

You can't just propose removing their priveleges either because nobody will vote for that idea. Instead it should be phased out over a decade, perhaps longer.

6:11 PM  
Anonymous Red Baron "voices that care" said...

You provide testament to the fact that your fight for justice in a setting of a system that is corrupt should not be that of anger and hatred but rather a good understanding and a goal to strive for.

In your endeavor, I admire your strength in character and your selflessness in your approach; for your family and others. How you gathered strength and will to overcome your suffering is beyond me when others would have cringed at the memory of it all, abandon all hope on a life that once was. After "they" stripped you of everything that was "you"?

Mind you, having learnt of your experience, my reaction was that of anger and rage. My fury based on any minor experiences that are less traumatic but somewhat in common may allow me to emphatize.

In some ways, I think your experience serves as a reminder to 'true' Malaysians to help erradicate and combat injustices of a system that in reality isn't the "serve and protect" that many Malaysians envision. Indeed the PDRM setting and system spells 'DOOM.' Malaysians need to know, only fighting through proper channels can form change and justice.

Most of all, the manner in which you have recovered from your torment overwhelms me and I think inspirational to others who have suffered like yourself.

My friend, your work will not be in vain I pray; for one day, when enough 'people' care, the very 'people' and only 'people' we call Malaysians, we may see a change, we may see justice served.

~voices that care~

PS. I wish that the matured working adults posting comments here do so as not to defame anyone. Some childish slanderous comments sicken me to the bone. God help Malaysia if you are the make of Malaysia's working class.

If you do not have an understanding of the freedom of Malaysian media which enforces prior restrain that lead to nothingness, do not urge and pour insult of anyone here lacking action unlike in some countries where the freedom of press is protected by a 'First Ammendment.'

5:22 AM  
Anonymous Dawn J. said...

well guys, the real problem here is the actions that were taken by the police. we can't help but stereotyping it to a certain race, but the issue is not about any race....its about what those policemen did. so now the objective is to get it out in the open for people to know this story. Only way? Blogs of course... never have any postings on a M'sian server. So once people know about it, many will offer to help and provide assistance in trying to change. All these talk about bumiputra status is out of topic. We shouldn't lose focus and let this issue be entangled among the many racist issues being complained about in M'sia. (those things belong to the "all talk and no action" category). This is something different, I believe. No matter what race or background, what was committed by those scums of society doesn't just deserve an article written about them. They deserve much much much more. Since this incident is still very fresh, I suggest taking a very big form of action. Bear in mind that we're not trying to change the government here, all we want is justice for those 22 individuals. Simple as that. In order to do that, we need to pool resources (which is the main purpose of this article anyway, right?)....

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since u have gone through this horrible ordeal . can u please clarify the law about drug usage and if you are caught what are the charges the police can take against u

7:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two cops plead not guilty to snatch theft


KUALA LUMPUR: Two police constables pleaded not guilty in a magistrate’s court to snatching a sling bag from a teenage girl last week.

Shahrul Hisham Mohd Ali, 21, and Mohamad Fazdli Mohamed Noor, 26, are accused of committing the crime in front of a house in Jalan Barat, off Jalan Imbi here at 2am on Oct 13.

The bag, belonging to Loh Chee Hui, 18, is said to contain a cell phone, an identity card, a bank card, a watch, medicine, house keys and make-up items.

The two policemen, from Maktab Polis Cheras here, are charged under Section 379 of the Penal Code, which provides for a jail term of up to seven years or a fine, or both.

Magistrate Mohd Aimi Zaini Mohd Azhar set bail at RM5,000 with one surety and set Nov 30 for mention.

7:33 PM  
Blogger Hartz said...


Police men in the US or Hong Kong are the same.

yes..they may be responsible to the communities but that doesn't mean that they can't do what our Malaysian cops do!

Everywhere in this world is the same.Not safe!
We'll just hope that our PM will one day personally read this blog then he will know how corrupted Malaysia is turning into!

9:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah is there any way to get this within the PM's view. there must be...

3:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

where the hell are you NOW?

9:07 AM  
Blogger Old Fart said...

No more angin already? Ran out of fuel!..O.k. la you had so much anger and hate and what ever and you had to release it...and you tool us all for a nice ride...thank you very much. Now go back to your sheltered life!

8:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fuel out.

baby steps turned into:
soon become nano-steps,
then pico-steps,
then femto-steps,

... watch out this space for the coming April 1st, "the biggest APRIL FOOLS plot ever planned"

9:13 PM  
Anonymous conman said...

damn, kena conned!

1:19 AM  
Anonymous city dweller said...

One of the most effective places to report such injustice is Bukit Aman.

Go straight to Bukit Aman and file a report. I think the department is called Public Complaints or something like this. This is the central department of police force that find fault on police themselves.

I know this because many years ago my uncle use this channel to resolve the injustice done to him.

And fcukger, I saw your blog through your profile. Hey man, don't hate yourself... :D

8:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obviously, you are not committed. It's just a spur of moment that made you blog these.It'll be good if you'll be sued for it coz it's so unnessecary for you to flame the police here, since you have not been doing much besides appearing anonymous. If u threw in your effort for injustice done to you n the rest, the existance of your blog is well... u know. U r so pointless mann.

1:59 PM  
Anonymous Corgan said...

Wow...it's been like what, one? two weeks? Surely even if he's busy he should update once every five days or something.

We're still waiting ABM. Don't feed trolls here. Or prove them right.

10:32 PM  
Anonymous faggot said...

damn,u know what word verification i got? yeah.. u r s c r e w

3:58 AM  
Blogger toxicMich said...

Well, i must say u really have a good command of words. I pity what u encounter after the raid @ Soda, but that practically won't stop me from going this coming Sat. hahax..
Well, i read a few commments and all of your posts, i would say, a big thank you for taking the initiative to stop this corruption, or atleast informing Badawi abt it. But at the same time, i would say you need abit more knowledge on ur rights, as in blogging these online. Protect yourself first b4 u wanna be a "Good Man aka Hero" to Malaysia.
If you think you are way too busy for your personal job that "most people take for granted", then jolly well don't try to catch your attention here in cyber space.
Wish you good luck, i will check back for more...

*i do somehow agree with oldFart (on some post)

5:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it take Tun mahathir year and years until end of his pm career to change malaysia to be a better place but, bear in mind our goverment is still corrupted as it is before until this verry day.

you can try but chance is small, just live with it accept it not that i dont like this country but i think this country is not as safe as it should be. Those who have higher rank and power in their hand treat normal ppl like us as they want to. the best thing is to remain silent no need to get into bigger problem.

Some ppl here say sue them, think again if u sue the police force u are suing the gov. remember all those court, magestrate and all of them are under the goverment. You might win but they can play with you, they can play with ur time and money. One more thing u have no ground to sue them no balcak and white and what so ever this make the case even complicated.

So what ever u do bos do it wise ly dont make ur self drowning into bigger problem, thousand of ppl may say they support you but when u are at the worst situation of ur life later no one will come to you to help you other than ur family and fren. So all the best and good luck.

Oh ya one more thing hope you can prove me wrong when im saying "corrupted goverment will always win no matter what"

7:37 PM  
Anonymous baby said...

what i don't understand is, what are all of u actually waiting for ABM to do?? did ABM ever said he was gonna take any form of action?? maybe those that "assume" something is gonna happen from ABM's side, u should reread the original posting "drug bust jails 22 innocents". nothing was said bout taking action, nothing was said bout suing the police. it was all comments and suggestions from the other concerned bloggers.

this blog was meant to inform people of what is going on. of course ABM never really cared bout police raids until he himself was caught in one, the truth is, NONE of us cared, because NO ONE has ever written about it. NO ONE came forward with these stories. NO ONE knew it was this shitty.

why do some bloggers write "happened to me" "happened to my bro" "happened to my friend"??!! yet NO ONE has told their story. NO ONE has lodge a report. think people. think.

to those that still whine about "wasting their time with this blog" "taken for a ride with this blog" maybe u should stop. and as the britney spears hit song goes "...why don't you do something..."

9:23 PM  
Anonymous baby said...

dear corgan,

fyi... i do not listen to HITZ. and i doubt what genre of music i listen to is relavent to this site.

secondly, let me clarify for u what i'm "merepeking" about, since obviously u lack the capability to do so. what i'm saying is that, we've all heard of stories like these happening but have never seen it reported in black and white. i said THINK, obviously u didn't, because the media is controlled. freedom of the press is not a privilage that malaysia has. thus people like ABM has to resort to blogging. understand?? unless you're one of those that still blindly believes in freedom of speech in malaysia and everything that comes out of the newspaper. though i must say we're not as worst off as china, but why compare to a worst case instaed of a better one??

thirdly, didn't i say REREAD the FIRST posting. NOT the 2nd or the 3rd. what was posted in the first place was the main intention. TO INFORM. whatever happened next resulted from another string of events. i also know that ABM talked to SUARAM and LKS.

and u said u suspect this blog is bullshitting "because there's no word from LKS blog"... right. and if the government says that we're all safe from bird flu u gonna believe that too??!! but then again, that's another matter.

so, have u checked with SUARAM then?? on what action that they have taken?? hmm... maybe u should cover every angle first before calling someone a liar.

well, i'm not trying to convince u that this blog is true. just like ABM, he never believed shit like this happened. till it happened to him.

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just for anonymous at 7.37am's information tun mahathir himself was the leader of corruption. his pockets are nice and heavy from his years 'serving' the country.

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amalan Bahasa Malayu got company. Baby...shag it baby.

10:27 PM  
Anonymous lix said...

lim kit siang.. this whole issue sounds so political..

i hope he's doing this cause he really WANTS to.. not to make DAP look any better...

all the best to you mate :)

hope the scar u have doesn't hurt anymore...

7:29 AM  
Anonymous theman said...

sorry my friend...
u cant do anythingy...
at the end of the day..u r just at the wrong place at the wrong time..
Lim Kit Siang cant even save his son and himself..how can he save/help u....
welcome to the real world my friend..
u r the unlucky one...

2:44 PM  
Anonymous TnaIce said...

Hai~ It's been a long while, how r u getting on? What happened aft u met up v Lim & Suaram? Plz update us as u has chosen to start blog. It's ur responsibility now, if u prefer not to, plz do let of know, at least wat u can do is not to keep ppl waiting for nth.

All the best, stay happy. Look at the brighter side of the world.

Cheers! =)

9:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Judging from the number of hits u have on yr blog doesnt it make u feel you are not alone on this issue.
my comment abt fckerger..it takes someone with a certain personality to hav a nic like tht. Poor thing, he has got a lot of tick fr ppl. (hav i spelled yr nic correctly?)
I am glad tht many bloggers have contributed to this forum, sharing infomation and experience has much more impact than one thinks. I for one do not expect the author to achieve much more than venting out his unfortunate chapter in life. Somehow, I sense tht he has improved as a person overall, so life is full of surprises, little do we know many often subconsciously surpass oneself in the face of adversity.

3:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah I seen the corruption. Being maybe the youngest that came to your blog(mind i m still underage)but I think it was rather evil.My fren maybe was 1 that got free. But its rather brave for you to stand against them. All I can do is just pray against it. Keep it up. We need more people like you.

Best Regards

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

aiyah...go kill urSElf..lah...so simple also duno, make a lot noise, no action...chee bye

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well he did say food will never taste the same again, maybe he did kill himself after all! rofl. Guess this fella just lost the fire in his belly. All talk and no action makes abettermalaysia seem like he has a tiny erection!

5:35 PM  
Anonymous Apollo market said...

hey ABM, katup this blogsite for good. lu chin bohyong! seedpai!

4:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sudah lari ka?

6:48 PM  
Anonymous reg said...

He has not run away, in fact he is now very busy doing the rounds,making public appearances all round the country to fight for his cause. I am surprised no one knows that. In fact, I took the trouble to see him just a few days ago.

8:19 PM  
Anonymous Apollo market said...

how da shoot we know what is he going abt right now? he shud be sharing the cause with us since we are his major supporters.

like this hear nothing, ppl will think he has chicken out!

2:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If he is making public appearances, isn't it better if he announce on this website the location and time of his appearance? So that people if they live nearby can at least go there and support his cause?

8:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


If he is too busy, why don't you tell us where and when is his next public appearance?

8:32 PM  
Anonymous corgan said...

I think reg's comments were meant to be sarcastic LOL. If he's making public appearances we would've heard em' in the papers.

10:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

*sign...another story left disintegrated into the thin air
.... looks like abettermalaysia has given up his pursuit in making a-better-malaysia.
No response fr him for weeks.... he is just another moaner like many others who have come and gone......

i always wonder why many national newspapers esp the non-malay ones often put things like a car accidents on the front page, i am not saying that it's unimportant, if it chnages the public road awareness or results in some sort of government policy change then it's ok. I am saying that there is some many other national issues that concern the public interest.. like education (not to mention that the government has managed to turn the system into a mockery), the AP issues ( has the trace turned cold? it would be a national laughing stock if noone is to be held responsibled.)

1:43 AM  
Anonymous reg said...

He did made public apperances..at a cinema near you..it's called Chicken Little..hahahahhaa..but he's not the chicken character, he's the slimy worm that now and then pops his head out of the chicken's backside...

2:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy is totally useless.

4:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

he's attitute is excatly like the gov's. hot for awhile, then it just dies off like that. c'mon man. do something.

9:50 AM  
Anonymous caminos said...

Well, I'm coming in late on the discussion, but I'll post either way. I've read this blog and other related/linked blogs, comments etc and here's what I think.

To those of you who keep egging ABM to do something or ask why he hasn't responded etc., I suppose you need to take a quick moment and realise that he was the one who went through that experience, not you. It's always easier to see things from the thrid person's POV than to be the first person experiencing it on hand.

I'm not saying we should all give our unconditional support to ABM (rah!!). But if you're skeptical, be balanced and informed. If you've been through as much as ABM did, I think you'd tread carefully too and not rush into responding and taking action just cos hundreds of netizens want a blog update. So asking why he made his about-turn on his opinions and all that is really not fair to the man.

As MackZul pointed out, it is extremely easy for people to be emotionally riled by this because he/she or a friend/family/relative have been victims of corruption (as we all have, I believe) so it is easy to believe what ABM says. I do wish more proof will surface to support the credibility of ABM's case cos I think we need something like this to initiate change in this country.

So ABM, take your time but here's hoping that you will continue to strenghten your case to the public.

12:34 AM  
Anonymous MSman said...

Here's another example of Malaysian injustice :-


But this Malaysian GIRL is going to fight instead of giving up. I hate it when bad things happen to good people. I know both her & her boyfriend, they are extremely nice people who got beaten up by bouncers in Zouk. It might be a long way to justice in our beloved country, but it's not impossible. Don't let the bullies win.

6:33 PM  
Blogger Hartz said...

ABM where are you??

please keep us updated if what u said is true?

Yo people..u guys think if anything has happen to him???lol..

9:23 PM  
Blogger Hartz said...

oh yeah.Fcukger really hates himself i think..
He's been messing with me and my friends blogs..though it hurts sometimes to the words he wrote..deleted the comments though
which is good.

Hey Fcukger..stop hurtin people and messing around.You're starting to give us the impression of you being a freak and all.

Anyway..ABM..where ever you are..we're still waiting for u!

9:30 PM  
Anonymous GeorgeYeo said...

Has this turned to some aunt agony blog..why are these women whining all the time?? What's wrong with them??

Hey msm, we don't care who got bashed up at zouk, unless it is ABM, so buzz off from his blog, and the same goes to you hatrz, we don't care how you got fucked, unless it is ABM, so piss off. All these are your personal feuds and totally irrelevant here. Bloody hell, wasting time.

And ABM, either say something or end the matter here and close the blog for good.

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Latest news on the paper, a women from china married legally into malaysia (for few years already), only to be arrested and detained following a road block. She and her friend were taken police station where they where question with their butts naked (peeked by male officers before the lady officer finally shuts the door), and asked to perform squats. One lady police allegedly grab her breast as well. Her husband brought in valid documents and tried to prove she is legal to be in Msia but to no avail. He wasn't entertained. She was proved a legal citizen and an innocent one. Read todays newspaper (November 12) for more info. I see no difference in them with uncivilised barbarians.

1:26 AM  
Blogger sytheN said...

it is good that to see you have adopted a positive attitude towards the situation but hope your change of view is genuine, because it would be another notch in the govt's belt if they had got you to shut up.

i understand there are complications that threaten your initial cause, but yielding in this situation would really be a waste.

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Just want to tell you that if this site does not move. Just shut it down for the benefit of future victims who are more aggressive.

If your site does not move, people think you are really a fake one.

Instead of making a better malaysia, you are making malaysia becomes worst! You had made many more doubt the stories that had been put up in blog.

In future, if any people who blogs they are abused, many will jump to the conclusion stories in blog are not reliable.

Visit http://zoukabuse.blogspot.com
and you'll see you had made many readers doubt any stories put in blogs anymore.

Do you realise you had just destroyed the reputation of professional bloggings?

I beg you, please shut this site down.

7:41 PM  
Anonymous caminos said...

Hi there, just a quick opinion again on people asking why there hasn't been any updates on this blog and other similar sites. It borders on funny that so many people do not realise that this blog is merely information. The actual fight goes on well beyond this blog I'm sure. In courts, in legal proceedings, in inquiries etc. Why should anyone yield to pressure from total net strangers who merely want a blog update? How does not updating his blog indicate that ABM isn't aggressive enough in his pursuit of justice?

If ABM's case is truly genuine, I would think that there are more important things with higher priorities to do first before updating a blog. It’s easier said than done, seriously. Those of you who have suggested that ABM should shut his blog down clearly do not have a clear grasp of the situation. Just because you're lucky enough to be able to sit back at your computer and take the time to post negative comments on other people's blogs with full knowledge that whatever you say on the internet will remain anonymous and undetectable, thus making you feel powerful and opinionated, doesn't mean other people can. Particularly if you're ABM and have gone through his experience.

Quoting an anonymous poster:
"If your site does not move, people think you are really a fake one."

If any of you think that ABM is less fake – let alone genuine – just because his site is 'moving', well, ABM probably doesn't need your support anyway because you would be too easily influenced to make informed opinions anyway.

8:34 PM  
Anonymous sonimac said...


if ABM no time to update here, why then has he the time to make comments in zouk abuse? to tell that he is a loser?

10:41 PM  
Anonymous 13 said...

Hi, I recently found out about your blog and is touched that you have not given up on Malaysia despite the fact you were mistreated. What's more, you are trying to do something about it in a positive manner.

It is people like you that Malaysia needs to improve the country.

The fight will be tough, so I wish you the best of luck.

6:05 AM  
Anonymous Apollo market said...

those china national ladies married to locals have more balls than ABM. am i fcuking right?

4:59 AM  
Anonymous corgan said...

"if ABM no time to update here, why then has he the time to make comments in zouk abuse? to tell that he is a loser?"

WTF? is it true?

2:32 AM  
Anonymous Melodrama said...

Hey ABM, Jack's friend, whatever it is you wish to be called by on this blogspot. Dude I feel for you man, it must really suck to be be treated that way, but I've got to say one thing, you are one melodramatic person, overly would be an understatement. Food don't taste so good? Ask anyone who gets out from lockup, the first meal tastes 100 times better than any other food. You know the copsin Malasia are fucked, I mean seriously "WELCOME TO FUCKED UP MALAYSIA". RM150 for meals to be brought in? That's cheap, the going price in Brickfields is RM200-300, depends on how well you talk or have connections. Now I don't understand why didn't you memorise the Serial Number of the cops that behaved so badly, especially the ones in Pudu Jail, cos' they're all in uniform there. I do feel a great amount of sympathy for what you have gone through, but all that talk about losing you nationalistic pride and food not tasting good, dude find something else be melodramatic about ok? Tell your girl how much you thought of her while you were inside, something.. Don't feed us this melodramatic bullshit.

5:24 AM  
Anonymous radzi said...

Wrongfully detained Chinese Housewife


Translated police statement from Malay to English found on http://teresakok.blogsome.com/2005/11/15/china-nationals-sue-police-for-illegal-detention/

This police statement was made by the 4 chinese housewife who were wrongfully detained

Name: Yu Xue zhen
Sex: Female
Brith date: 27 November 1970
Marriage status: married with Malaysian

Name: Gu Xiu hua
Sex: Female
Marriage status: married
Name: Wu Xiao hua
Sex: Female
Marriage status: married
Name: Liu Jing
Sex: Female
Marriage status: married
Brith date: 25 July 1971

We were detained by the police with other lady Chinese nationals from the 3rd of November 2005 (Thursday), about 11pm nearing to Sungai Buloh. At that time we were in a car and the police was holding a road block.

Police detained us with the cause of suspicion of fake passport. We were sent to the Sungai Buloh police station. At about 6 am 4th November 2005. We were sent to the Petaling Jaya Police Station and we were imprison in the lock up in there.

Before we were sent to our cells, we were told to show all our belongings in our hand bag. A police men and a police woman who were at the counter recorded the inventory of our hand bag and asked $50 RM from both yu xue zhen and Gu xiu hua and we gave it to them. At that time, Wu Xia Hua only had $3 RM in her hand bag. She was also force to give it to the above mentioned police officers. The Police women then shared $10 of our money to each of the officers in the station. We were force to give the money because it was demanded from the police officer and we were afraid of them.

After that, two police woman ask us to take off our clothes until we were naked in a room before going into the lock up one by one. The police women ask us to stand and squat five times when we were naked. When it was Yu Xue Zhen;s turn, she felt embarrass from striping and move her back to face the police women. She was slapped by the police women on the face. When Yu Xue Zhen was taking her clothes off. A police man was peeping at her and she screamed. After that the room door was immediately closed. After the body check, were we allowed to put our clothes back on and enter the lock up.

On the evening of 5th November 2005. 5 chinese nationals women including us and 2 indonesian women was brought to the Sungai Buloh police station to record our statement. When we return to the Petaling Jaya Police station. We were again asked to take off our clothes and repeat the procedude. After that all the Chinese women were not allowed to wear back our bras. Only the women of other nationalities were allowed to wear back their bras.

After we recorded out statement on the 5th of November at the Sungai Buloh Police Station, a police man did a hand gesture to Gu Xiu Hua that meant she had big breast.

At about 7pm 5th November, Yu Xue Zhen wrap her body with a big towel and entered the bath room in the lock up. She notive a police man staring at her from outside the lock up’s door. This was witness by Gu Xiu Hua. Gu Xiu Hua remembers Yu Xue Zhen immediately went into the bath room and close the door.
On the first day of our detention period. Yu Xue Zhen’s husband brought two bags that contained clothes, 3 towels, ladies towel, perfume, tooth brush and tooth paste to the Petaling Jaya Police Station to be given to Yu Xue Zhen, but the police officer on duty did not send it to her. On the 5th of November when Yu Xue Zhen was sent to the Sungai Buloh Police Station to record her statement. She was told by her husband that he sent those items to her on the day before. When Yu Xue Zhen was sent back to the Petaling Jaya Police Office, she asked for those items that was sent by her husband to the police, and she found a few expensive clothes, towel, tooth brush, tooth paste, perfume and ladies towel missing. And only two T shirt, a shirt, jeans and long pants was left behind.

We were imprisoned in the lock up for 5 days, only released by the police on the 7th November 2005 when the immigration officer in Putrajaya have validated that our passport was real. Before we left the Petaling Jaya Police Station, around 4 pm, the same police men who did the same hand gesture that praise the size of Gu Xia Hua’s breast. That police man asked Gu Xiu Hua to come to him and did another gesture to ask Gu Xiu Hua to call him. But Gu Xiu Hua did not dare go near him.
We are not happy about the imprisonment and our experience because we were holding valid passport and we have entered Malaysia many times through the years. We have never gone against the Malaysian law and we should not have been detained and imprisoned in the police lock up.


It has also been alleged through press release by the Chinese woman that the police officer at the road block indicated they wanted a $500 rm bribe. On refusing the Chinese ladies were brought it for “suspicion” of owning fake passports. They were also not given proper drinking, instead they drank straight from the tap.

This is the latest on the issue.
Morning raid on Chinese nationals’ homes

The MMS Story

The Video a Malaysian police woman forcing a woman to strip. A dirty minded policeman was secretly hiding and filming her.

8:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am from IPOH and one day I went to KL to have a meeting and I am not sure about which exit will lead me to entrance of the High way to IPOH. when As I drive along the and I saw a sign board saying to IPOH,and I cut in slowly, but my front wheel touched the solid line, and was stop by the police, who wait at the entrance on to the High way, and I paid RM150 for this. As I was told I need to come to PJ and pay the sommon and need to pay RM 600. So I worry about all this trouble and need to take leave to come to PJ, so I paid RM150 to that Police at first he had ask for more but I said I need the money to put patrol only have RM 150 to give you.... I am very sad after I went back to IPOH and I was told the maximum traffic offend is RM 300 not RM 600 as told by the Police. any way that had pass.At first why I have to cut in from the many road to the life is because the road sign board is block tree branch and when I saw it I have can not just turn left as I need to let car behind to have time to react to my turning left.So I go slower and longer to turn left. and this is why my wheel had touched the solid line of the road dividing the main road and the exit to high way. By the way I was told by my friend that the Police is always they to catch driver like me along Jalan Ipoh.

11:50 PM  
Anonymous authoryoumakemesick said...

wow, i totally agree with fcukger, this is unbelievable. the author did not just make a 180 degrees turn, more like a 540 degrees. i just found this blog today, read the first article and proceeded to the last. the tone changed so much, from someone who truly wanted justice, to someone who did balls-carrying. this only happens because what happened to the author wasn't as bad as it could have been.

imagine if someone close lost their lives in this incident, i doubt the author would go, 'oh, dont worry because i havent lost faith in the police.' well guess what?! martin luther king didn't go 'lets not fight with the white's since its impossible but instead let's give them a chance because i have not lost hope on them'

you wish...

i know suing the police or whatever the author was trying to do is difficult and time consuming yada yada... i wouldnt do it myself, but what's more important is to make people realise that such things are happening, and be aware of it but supporting the police now is not the way to go mate.

i guess this is what seperates the truly great from the average, and like what yoda would say, 'average, the author is.'

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



Please attend the meeting held at the Federal Hotel, KL organised by DAP 6 Dec 2005. A lot of other victims of the police will attend. Voice out your experience there.

"The Naked Truth About The Police"

7:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm a fellow Singaporean. I thought the Australian guy who was hanged in Singapore was bad enough, what you've went through is much more worst. I feel so bad for you. Now it gives me the creeps coz I'm coming down to K.L on new year. :S

10:17 AM  
Blogger Brian Damage said...

Abettermalasia, I admire your strength and your positivity. It is obvious to me (if not to ignorant others) that you still adore your country and want to do whatever you can to make it better. I wish you and your country nothing but the best of luck. Justice is on your side, even if the law isn't.

7:30 AM  
Anonymous generic cialis 20mg said...

Hello, I do not agree with the previous commentator - not so simple

7:57 PM  

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